Sling TV no longer carries the
Nets on YES





Until you miss Nets at Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions

What has happened?

Sling TV has chosen not to carry the YES Network, including the Brooklyn Nets, New York Yankees, New York City FC and the New York Liberty. Despite our efforts to negotiate an extension of our carriage agreement with Sling TV on market terms that are fair and reasonable (in fact, our proposed rate increase amounted to just pennies a day per Sling TV customer), Sling TV refused to recognize the appropriate value of the YES Network. As a result, the YES Network, including our Nets games, are no longer available on Sling TV.

What does this mean for Sling TV customers?

Sling TV customers will not be able to watch Brooklyn Nets games on YES. The Nets had a blockbuster off-season with its free agency signings and are now one of the elite teams in the NBA. Unfortunately, Sling TV customers will not see any of YES’ Brooklyn Nets coverage. Nor will they be able to watch future Yankees, New York City FC and New York Liberty games on YES.

Sling TV customers no longer have access to the YES Network despite the fact that YES is one of only four networks carried by Sling TV in the New York DMA that experienced both Primetime and Total Day viewership increases over the last three years.

Is there a solution in sight?

Unfortunately, we do not anticipate a resolution at this time. Based on the most recent discussions we had, Sling TV apparently has made a firm determination that YES does not provide enough value to its customers despite the resurgent Nets, the Yankees’ stellar play and other premier live event programming we offer. All we are asking is that Sling TV pay the market rate, an increase which amounts to literally pennies a day per Sling TV customer.

How can I contact Sling TV to share my frustration about losing the Nets, Yankees, NYC FC and Liberty on YES?

You can contact Sling TV by visiting its Web site or by calling 855-428-7201. Tell Sling TV how much you love the Nets, Yankees, New York FC and Liberty and that it should return those teams and the YES Network to Sling TV.

How can Sling TV customers get their Yankees?

All the major TV streaming services that compete with Sling TV offer the YES Network, including Nets, Yankees, New York City FC and Liberty games, and each of these services is easy to sign up for, in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is log on to their respective Web sites or call them:

The YES Network is also widely available throughout its footprint on the distributors below: